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Care Following Nasal Surgery

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Care Following Nasal Surgery

These general instructions will help you in your care after your nasal surgery. Instructions for limited activity and the type of dressing for the nose varies with the type of surgery and will be discussed with you by your doctor.

The packing in you nose is usually removed by the doctor before you go home. If you must sneeze while the packing is in your nose, open your mouth to release pressure. If you are sent home with the packing still in place, report any gagging sensation or breathing difficulty to your doctor . this may mean the packing has slipped back into your throat.

Take medications advised by the doctor.

Using a cotton swab, apply petroleum jelly (Vaseline) in your nose twice daily to keep crust formation soft.

Some activities may result in bleeding. Take the following precautions for two weeks unless otherwise advised by your doctor.

Do not blow you nose.

Avoid strenuous activities.

Do not life anything over 20 pounds.

Abstain from sexual activity.

If bleeding occurs, clamp the nose near the tip. If the bleeding does not stop after 5-10 minutes of pressure, contact a doctor immediately.

A blood-tinged discharge from the nose may be present for as long as six weeks. During this time it may be necessary to wear a dressing over the nose.

Following surgery, avoid swimming for 2-3 weeks. Be careful of sunburn on the face and nose.  Sun may burn the surgical area more easily than is usual for you.

Depending on the extent of the surgery, numbness, swelling and discoloration in the surgical area may take two weeks to two months to gradually disappear.


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