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Since 1987, people who live in Columbus, NE, and the surrounding communities have not had to travel farther than just a few miles to receive quality ear, nose and throat care. Columbus Otolaryngology Clinic opened its doors that year when otolaryngologist Nila Novotny, MD, finished her training at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, and began the practice. Dr. Novotny had grown up in Nebraska, and she had several family members who lived in the area, so she was ready to make Columbus her home. Though it was privately owned at first, the clinic has always been located adjacent to Columbus Community Hospital — when the new hospital opened in 2001, the clinic moved along with it to that location.

In 2017, Dr. Novotny sold the practice to Columbus Community Hospital. Since then, she has continued practicing as an ENT, working alongside the other ENT physicians and nurse practitioners in the clinic to deliver high-quality care to patients. Not only do the caregivers at Columbus Otolaryngology Clinic treat patients’ specific concerns, but they also perform a comprehensive examination. Many times, this thorough process has helped them make diagnoses which otherwise would have gone unnoticed.


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